This initiative sets out to establish the first public mountaineering and climbing program in Iraq.

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In 2017 I met Kamaran Rasul, an administrator at the Hope Family Community Center in Sulaymaniyah, Iraq, and one of the first ever Iraqi mountaineers. Kamaran described how he and his friends learned about mountaineering from photos and videos, because there was nothing available in their language, and the challenges they overcame to obtain the gear to climb their incredible Kurdish Mountains. He revealed that there are literally no stores for climbing gear anywhere in his country of Iraq.

Kamaran then expressed to me that his greatest desire is to start a climbing and mountaineering program in his community center. He presented an incredibly unique opportunity; to create the first ever public climbing program in Iraq and complement the incredible success and diversity of classes already offered to its 1,500+ members including ballet, musical instruments, martial arts, clothes making, and even the largest women’s aerobics class in the country. In fact, the program is so successful that a second facility was completed last year, the Family Center Ramareen, where there is plenty of space outdoors for a climbing wall.

Our mission is simple; DELIVER EQUIPMENT AND BUILD A CLIMBING WALL. Kamaran and his three climbing partners are ready to start classes and begin instruction immediately. Our goal is to bring equipment that is not available within his country, to construct the first part of a modular climbing wall on the premises of the community center, and to provide access to instructional resources so that he can grow his program.


Gear Ind. Cost Example Item Quantity Size Cost
Quick Draw $17.00 Example: 6 pack @ Black Diamond for $99.95 ~ $17.00
comes out to 24 total
20 $340.00
Jumar $60.00 Trango Ascender 4 $240.00
GriGri $160.00 GriGri+ for added safety. Standard GriGri 110 4 $640.00
Reverso $30.00 BD Reverso 4 $120.00
Friends (camalots) $350.00 Black Diamond Camalot C4 Package #0.5 – 3 2 $700.00
Ropes $240.00 Dry core/sheath. Non-dry ropes significantly cheaper 4 100m $960.00
Climbing adjustable straps ( daisy chain) $20.00 Black Diamond Nylon Daisy Chain – 18mm 5 $100.00
Helmet $60.00 Mammut Skywalker 2 Climbing Helmet 5 M, L, XL $300.00
Climbing-shoes (as many as possible) $80.00 Entry level mens/womens shoe. childrens and sales can
be had for $50
7 5-12 $560.00
Anchor chain $20.00 Black Diamond Nylon Daisy Chain – 18mm 1 $20.00
Anchor bolts $4.70 Pack of 49 100 $93.90
Bolt Hangers $2.35 Pack of 20 98 $234.75
Belay devises $18.00 Standard ATC 6 $108.00
Harness $60.00 Ophir 3 Slide 4 $240.00
TOTAL $4,656.65

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☐ Obtain climbing equipment and wall construction supplies
Design optimal outdoor climbing wall for the Iraq environment
Transport equipment to Iraq
Construct climbing wall
Set up relationships with professional climbing gyms
Publish First Arabic Language Mountaineering Book


☑ Set up Family Center Ramareen as Screening Location for Red Bull Media Feature Films

A message from Tommy Caldwell, whose feature film Dawn Wall premiered in Iraq at our community center on December 15, 2019.

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