We’re Building A Wall in Iraq! – Construction Underway!

On March 5th I got a text message from Iraq, from Kamaran H. Rasul, that was just a video. I couldn’t really understand what was going on, bleary eyed from sleep, as I watched a bulldozer pass by on the screen. Then it hit me, our dream of constructing a wall on the property where we now have established The First Climbing School in Iraq in history, that dream was literally becoming reality before my eyes now.



In the coming days, Kamaran and I would go over the construction plans many times, ensuring that every detail was correct. We were using video chat to sketch out different designs because my recent trip produced a treasure discovery; a metal frame would actually be cheaper than wood. What! Basically, because Iraq has so few trees, the wood is either imported from Turkey or Russia. As a result, not only are the costs inflated due to the import fees, but the quality of the wood is questionable. Disillusioned at the additional costs of quality wood we were now facing, we decided to go to the scrap yard at the recommendation of Andy Kaufmann, a metal working expert who moved to Iraq with his family from Switzerland.

What we found was unbelievable. Entire 10 meter beams of galvanized steel that would be more than enough to support any weight that we could put on them and more. Not only that, but the steel was cheaper than the wood, and we had access to rebar and other lighter materials to reinforce the concrete foundation. And, with everything finalized… the first team got started excavating for the concrete slab and pillars that would serve as the base for the posts on the wall.

Check out our team working below; Shnyar Kamal and instructors from our First Climbing School in Iraq, the Hawraz Climbing School, Kamaran H. Rasul, Aso Golmohamed, and Siamand Ahmad.

Photos and video provided by Shnyar and Kamaran

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