Mask – Lavender Green


Hand-crafted, sculpted double-panel, full coverage non-medical mask with filter pocket, dobby cheek panels, and comfort-round elastic, produced with Lavender Green 100% cotton. Mask includes silver Fleur-de-Lis Bijou.

The Lavender Green mask is a made-to-order three layer mask, produced in limited quantities, featuring a Lavender Green pattern on 100% cotton fabric. The inside of the mask is made from two layers of 100% cotton, identified as the most effective material recommended for stopping the spread of virus particles. Dobby cheek panels provide comfort for long term use and the inner layer is sewn into a pocket for optional filter insert to maximize protection (filter insert not included). Construction incorporates a combination of over-lock and top stitching that reinforces seams and extends life of the item. The durable materials allow for this mask to be cleaned in a standard washer with other colorful garments, we recommend warm water, tumble dried.

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