Islands 4 Kids is a Romanian project led by American born Robert Jacobs that provides a safe place for children who have no one else to turn to.
At Islands 4 Kids, children will find a safe place to learn basic skills as well as trades that prepare them for an independent and successful life.

Why do children need support in Romania?

Due to economic and historical events, an entire generation of children is growing up neglected in the streets of Romania. Efforts by the government to provide support for even the most vulnerable have fallen short, leaving children, most of whom have not developed basic skills, to fend for themselves. As you can imagine, these children often end up exploited or trafficked, especially girls and young women.

Islands4Kids started as a program to help young women transition to independent living, but has since found a purpose in welcoming both boys and girls. Presently, the program offers classes to all youths who come through the doors, organizes local events, and provides additional support all the while improving the large property by incorporating the efforts of the children to make this place truly “ours.”

Recent Updates

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Quarantine Update

Due to the Corona Virus Pandemic, we have followed the advice of the law and closed for a period of time. During this time, Robert, Stretch, and Otillia have been busy with their new goats! They have been planting vegetables and fruit for the summer, cleaning up the property, and making way for the new children who will show up this year. We are so proud to announce that the garden is coming along so well that we have already shared our vegetables from last summer’s first harvest with the neighbors.

My First Visit

When I visited in 2017, I discovered a a beautiful blossoming country in Europe, full of bright people who yearn for opportunity. At the center of my visit was Robert Jacobs, an American ex-pat who established permanent residency in the country because that is where he discovered purpose in life.

Robert Jacobs in front of his Islands 4 Kids property

Robert Jacobs donated his entire life savings and devoted the rest of his life to addressing the problem above, which he discovered when he first traveled to Romania many years ago. After years of service and helping countless individuals, Robert acquired a 2 acre property where he is constructing a sustainable program that will grow as new children arrive. He provides training in basic trades and classes in English, mathematics, and other basic living skills. Together with the close community he has created around him, he is changing the fate of this incredible country.

This is where we need your help.

Robert is doing this with the help of young lady he saved named Stretch and a talented teacher named Otillia; building and managing the property, running the programs, cooking, fundraising, and the most challenging – dealing with complex bureaucracy of a foreign government. The progress they have made together is a miracle, and every single penny helps and a donation can make a meaningful difference as foreign donations have a multiplied effect due to a favorable currency exchange.

Sponsor a child – $1,500 per year, $125 per month

or make a donation by clicking the following link:

During my visit that lasted only several days, we were able to accomplish the following:

  • RUNNING WATER: Installed a water pump for the well on the property.
  • GREENHO– USE GARDEN: Cleared brush for the installation of a greenhouse that can produce food year round.
  • RESUPPLY: With my car, we drove to Arad and other places where we were able to obtain much awaited components and supplies
  • MACHINE REPAIR: Repaired several mechanical parts such as hedge trimmer
  • ROUTER: Obtained a router for basic woodworking and parts production
  • PLATES, UTENSILS, COOKWARE: Purchased full set so that every meal is a reminder that better times are ahead
  • WILLOW AWNING: Using hedge trimmer, we cleared a large patch of Willows and tied the branches to produce an “outdoor classroom” that would only become more beautiful over time

This was in the time span of only a week.

The following has since been accomplished since then:

  • First Greenhouse completed (500 sq ft) – have 2,000 sq ft more to install
  • Solar panels system installed / Wind generator system ready to be installed
  • Greenhouse and 6,500 sq ft of garden cultivated and planted.
  • Obtained goats for milk and weed control
  • Built chicken house

Significant work must be completed for the property to function year round. Robert is still seeking the following:

  1. $300 – Solar Hot Water
  2. $275 – Wood Burning Stove
  3. $900 – Construction Lumber
  4. $1,200 – Finished second bathroom
    • floor and wall tile, shower, lav/wc door and drywall.
  5. $1,700 – Window repair and replacement
    • Repair 7 on front and replace 5 facing courtyard. Replace some broken panes
  6. $100 – Propane gas for heater – 1 bottle lasts 3 weeks
  7. $400 – Firewood for winter
  8. $300 – Refinish interior wood doors
    • Sand and repair, replace some hardware & paint
  9. Hot water in floor completion
    • The property came with floors heated by indoor wood burning stoves, the in-floor pipes are installed and need wood hot water boiler with Manifold and pipe fittings.
  10. $300 – Garden Water Well
  11. $900 – Roto tiller
  12. $850 – Sickle bar mower
  13. $825 – Irrigation System
  14. $750 – Seeds and Fertilizers

Volunteers are needed and welcome,
with groups visiting each year since the inception of the program.
Please contact Robert via Facebook Page.

And if you have time

To gain an understanding of the present situation, please view the video below.
Please note that this is a heavy topic, which makes it all the more urgent to address.