I have been a professional gear tester since 2013, writing for such websites as Gear Institute and Trek Tech. Over the years, I earned a reputation for putting gear to the ultimate test by bringing it into expedition conditions and using it in worst case scenarios. A lot of gear didn’t survive the first round and some got used more than once. And then, there are a few exceptions that impressed me so much, I formed a relationship with the manufacturer and earned the privilege of representing their brand.

At the end of 2014 I was contacted by Adam Rapp, the founder of Clothing Arts, about testing a set of “Pick Pocket Proof” clothing he designed for travelers. Considering my lifestyle, these seemed like a perfect match and my head filled with ideas, so I set up a call. We immediately hit it off when I suggested a review where I would wear his clothes for one month consecutively, with a new adventure every single day.

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Considering the wear and tear I put on the clothes, I could not believe at how well they held up. In fact, I continued to wear them after the review (I even still have the original pants, burn hole and all). The following year, I approached Adam about sponsoring my first expedition in which me and three friends would paddle 250 miles through Nahanni National Park in Canada. This trip would take over 20 days and I was confident that not only would the clothes last, but that the “Pick Pocket Proof” features were perfect for expedition purposes.

Three years later, Clothing Arts clothes are still the first thing I pack when I travel anywhere warm, cold, civilized, or wild. And, as a result of my dedication, one day I got a call from Adam to represent his brand. Of course I accepted. Hop over to the Clothing Arts website to check it out.

Why I stand by Clothing Arts

I have always fantasized about becoming an explorer. As a child, when I closed my eyes, I imagined Indiana Jones, Alan Quartermain, Steve Irwin, and explorers like those who uncovered King Tut’s tomb or foraged into the Amazon. This is the style I wanted to emulate, but I also wanted it to be modern and stylish. Until Adam emailed me, the types of clothes for adventure were one of two types; highly technical or too casual. Highly technical gear is great if you’re on the mountain, but inappropriate for walking around a city. On the other hand, non-technical clothing doesn’t hold up in the wilderness too well and often has poor pocket design if you’ve got a handful of items that always travel with you.

Clothing Arts is the perfect answer to a traveler who visits cities and also adventures in the wilderness. The styles are produced specifically to look modern and attractive and have features specifically for travelers. They are designed to look neat and tidy even after several days off the grid; both the shirts and pants are wrinkle free and the materials are stain resistant and easy to wash. The stitching is meticulously done and reinforced, and I haven’t had a pair develop holes or rip apart even after long outdoor trips.

But the best part is the “Pick Pocket Proof” feature that serves many more purposes than just keeping thieving hands away from your valuables. The pants and shirts feature special pockets that have several levels of security which split them up into “sub-pockets” and keep them shut. This immediately becomes useful because you can mix and organize your stuff in your pockets; for example, you can put your keys in the same pocket as your phone because there’s a sub-pocket that will keep the screen from getting scratched. Each of these sub-pockets has its own closure that ranges from Velcro to buttons to snaps, to micro zippers. And that’s the best part; no matter what you’re doing – flips, tumbles, or falls – nothing can ever fall out of the pockets!

In all of my travels, I have not come across a better set of travel clothes. Clothing Arts, and Adam, are made for adventure and I stand by the brand as the best option for travelers available today.