Click for Analog Life

I spent my formative years traveling to some of the most remote country on earth, while ironically maintaining maximum brand and marketing contact with the mainland. Worrying about how the thing looked often removed me from the present state of … Read More

THRICE: Ice Climbing in Maine

It’s almost routine now that plans for a big trip in Maine are dashed by a menacing blizzard. Of course, it does always provide for a good time anyway. In these three clips, we head out to three different places … Read More

Video: Last Ice

The start of 2018 ripped me out of my mountain paradise in Europe and threw me dead center into the heart of New York City, just two blocks away from Times Square. The project that brought me there promised to … Read More

Camping in the Polish Mountains

I found myself sitting in a room with balcony overlooking the only street in my ancestral village. It had been a couple weeks since I returned from Nepal where I trekked through the tallest mountain range in the world. Outside … Read More

Devil’s Path, New York

The Devil’s Path in the Catskills of New York is notorious for being difficult, so much so that Backpacker Magazine named it the “hardest day hike in the United States.” There are several reasons why it got this reputation, the … Read More

Kathleen River

Nestled under the jagged black peaks of Kluane National Park flows the wild Kathleen River. Its glowing turquoise waters pour out of a trap door hidden in a corner of Rainbow Lake, and it tumbles through with spectacular views that … Read More

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