My Daily Motivation Ritual

This is a piece of my life I feel comfortable sharing now, because it’s gotten me through challenges that I felt were breaking me. But I look back and celebrate those times because I see them now as opportunities that … Read More

Camping in the Polish Mountains

I found myself sitting in a room with balcony overlooking the only street in my ancestral village. It had been a couple weeks since I returned from Nepal where I trekked through the tallest mountain range in the world. Outside … Read More

The Guilt of Productivity

Exactly four years ago today I quit my job as an attorney. Four years… I almost made it four years. Just this past week I found myself at a dead end, thinking it was all over. The feeling came over … Read More

Devil’s Path, New York

The Devil’s Path in the Catskills of New York is notorious for being difficult, so much so that Backpacker Magazine named it the “hardest day hike in the United States.” There are several reasons why it got this reputation, the … Read More

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