My Western Video outside Las Vegas

Late last year I was called to Las Vegas to help with a friend’s amazing and ambitious project. However, I’m not the type of guy to stick around a place where you can’t see the stars at night. For all … Read More

My Timelapses and What I Learned

I have now taken some spectacular time lapses in some of the most remote places I can imagine, you can watch a selection below. Here’s my favorite, so you don’t get turned off right away, Unfortunately, you don’t often get … Read More

Pizza in the Mountains

If you know me even a little, then you know that much like the beloved Ninja Turtles, my superpowers come from a steady diet of hot pizza pie. Unfortunately, traveling to a remote mountain village offered only so many options. … Read More

This Week’s Video Logs!

This week I started a series filming some of the things that I find interesting while here in Europe. Now, while I’m figuring out how to best create these, you can tag along. Enjoy! Video Log #1 Video Log #2 … Read More

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