Iraq Climbing – Meet the People Making History

On January 24th, 2020 the First Climbing School in Iraq in history held its first class (will be covered in upcoming post!). Due to the demand for this sport, the ceremonious occasion was attended well over capacity with 69 students … Read More

OSP Sromowce Wyzne

 OSP Sromowce Wyżne potrzebują pomocy w zbiórce na nowy wóz strażacki. Wóz ma prawie pół wieku, wyprodukowany w 1973 r. i części zamienne są już niedostępne dla takiego antiku. W dodatku, wóz oryginalnie nie był przeznaczony na pożary – … Read More

Building Iraq Climbing Wall 1:10 Scale Model

A couple weeks ago I picked up a call from De Klimspecialist Jasper de Jong. Jasper is an expert in climbing wall construction, climbing equipment, and an instructor for mountain rescue and medical assistance. He let me know that he … Read More

Pilgrimage of the Flisaks – Pielgrzymka Flisaków 2019

Images © 2019 Milosz Pierwola, All Rights Reserved, Available for Licensing, The Flisaks are a very special part of Polish culture and history. Traditionally their name derives from the word “flis,” or transportation of goods via river. Typically these … Read More

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