Cave Exploring Class | First Climbing School in Iraq in History

Iraq is experiencing a renaissance in outdoor culture. For the first time in over a century, a peace has made it possible to safely explore the country’s natural treasures. However, because Iraq is an economic island, closed on its borders to the world by economic sanctions, it has literally zero experience. For this reason, we have started the First Outdoor Education and Climbing School in Iraq, the Hawraz Climbing School. Below we are honored to host the first Cave Exploring Class in the history of Iraq.

 Toufic About Nader is a cave explorer, instructor, and presenter that has explored caves for over 13 years of his adventurous life. He has worked with organizations like MECET, multiple international speleological organizations, and ministries of tourism. We are honored for Mr. Nader to present our first class on exploring caves; basics, safety, and rescue.

Our effort is 100% volunteer based and all of our successes could not be possible without the donations of generous supporters. Please consider making a donation so that we can continue and grow this incredibly important program, thank you!