Caves of Iraq – Interview with Aso Golmohamad | Part 2

This is part 2 from the article Iraqi Mountaineers Discover Cave! | Part I

Due to seemingly everlasting conflict in the Iraq region, outdoor recreation and exploration practically disappeared over the past century. However, over the past two decades in an era of newfound stability, the people of Iraq and Kurdistan have slowly begun to rediscover their land. One of the groups leading the charge is the Destey Lwtka Crew, or “Peaks Mountaineering” Crew, who is now in charge of the First Climbing School in Iraq that we established together over the past two years.

One of our instructors is Aso Golmohamad, with whom we conduct the interview today. Aso is a mountaineer, explorer, photographer, and inspiration. In a country where access to the outdoors feels too distant, Aso’s passion to discover and share everything he experiences is an incredibly powerful expression of the will of the people to overcome the complex past of their region and regain access to their natural treasures.

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