NEW Non-Profit Webpage!

The pieces are coming together!

This past week I finally had the time to put together a website for our nonprofit GUI. This has been a life-long pursuit of establishing an organization that has the capacity to seed humanitarian programs all around the world. This process takes a lifetime, of course, but with each step there is cause for celebration. Click on the logo to go to the page and learn more!

For the purposes of introducing this key piece in the puzzle, I just want to explain that the process for creating a 501(c)(3) organization, otherwise known as a non-profit because it does not make a profit, is sort of straight forward? It’s been about a year and a half now that I was able to convince my friends, all reputable and very serious attorneys, to help me in the process. To my surprise, they were quite excited about supporting me in my pursuit, and at last we got a treasurer who is far more deliberate with finances than I am.

The biggest things that stand in the way are legal definitions, submitting a flurry of documents, and knowing that you should keep track and document every single step in the process. Unfortunately, resources are difficult to find for your specific state, the government is all but outright refusing to provide any information beyond its outdated website, and there is lots of contradictory nonsense on the internet. So, everything must be checked three times, confirmed, and a lot of the times I was actually guessing (educated guesses, mind you). That said, we managed to maintain course and correct where we learned something was out of place.

But, here we are – and there is certainly cause for celebration.

Help us with a donation, and learn about all our projects around the world!