We Have A STORE!

Now you can support all of our efforts and get something in return – hand crafted, fashionable, non-medical masks.

For the past two months we have been hand-crafting masks and donating them to essential and medical workers. The fashionable designs are meant to bring color to mandatory rules and regulations. They are meant to be re-usable for casual wear, such as grocery shopping, and to replace temporary or makeshift alternatives. All proceeds go directly to our registered non-profit and cover costs of materials for producing additional masks for donation.

The masks are made by New York based Fashion Brand owner, custom clothing designer, and MPress Atelier founder Meryl Pressman. Meryl spent weeks developing and studying mask designs from across the world, modifying them into the comfortable silhouettes available today. She uses upcycled materials and isn’t afraid of demanding solutions at times of need, such as hand cutting fashionable ties made from mask fabric when no elastic was to be found. She even experimented with smaller prototypes, which resulted in our popular Bear Mask. The task of producing masks for donations has given Meryl a sense of purpose at such a globally demanding time, and she has volunteered all of her work.

At this time, we have limited materials and are making the masks available for purchase to fundraise. We are starting off with several designs that were most popular with recipients of our donations. Each week you’ll see new masks become available, and we can always chat with you if you have a custom request. We also welcome donations so that we can cover expenses as we go.


here’s a tease 😉

Grandma’s Flight Home

Last month my grandmother’s visa expired and she had no options but return to Poland. A survivor of World War II, she is as strong a woman as she is stubborn, and doesn’t even like to wear her glasses too long – much less a mask. However, flying right now demands a mask, and we were pressed to find a solution.


Inspiration came from the fact that my grandmother loved to wear colorful blossoming designs. For more years than she wants to admit, Meryl had saved a beautiful silk pattern that finally found its purpose. In addition to being bright and colorful, appealing to my grandmother’s fashion sense, the silk was much more lightweight and soft to the touch. This made the mask both comfortable and attractive to wear for her. She loved the way it looked, especially the large pink satin bows we attached in addition to elastic in case it got too tight.

My grandmother not only wore the mask the entire plane ride, but proudly told us about her exciting trip. She said she received many compliments, even though she could not understand most of them. In addition, she loved the bow ties because she could tie the mask around the back of her neck when she was eating the in-flight meals.

Thanks Meryl!