First Climbing School in Iraq goes Virtual with Juman Al-Sayegh

In the face of the global pandemic that has brought us all indoors, our school has not seen any less demand. In Iraq, climbing is like an obsession that will not release its grip as the Kurds dream of the mountains from their homes. They share images of these mountains on social media and lament the impossible distance that separates them now.

Because of this, we accelerate our program in just three months from opening our doors, to teaching our first classes, to now teaching online video classes. Our education is based on a ground up approach with the most fundamental information about climbing being taught first. These basic concepts can be enjoyed from behind a screen as we build the climbing community in Iraq together with the hundreds of climbing groups across the country.

Today, we announce our first Virtual Class at our project that started The First Climbing School in Iraq, the Hawraz Climbing School, an N2N Unlimited Project:

کڵاسی شاخەوانی بە ئۆنلاین

Online Climbing Video Class

With Juman Al-Sayegh

8:00pm Thursday, April 9, 2020
پێنج شەممە، ۹/٤/۲۰۲۰ کاتژمێر ٨:۰۰ ی ئێوارە


Juman Al-Sayegh will be teaching on the different types of climbing; Bouldering, Sport, Top Rope, Trad, Big Wall, and Ice Climbing.
جومان الشیخ ، لەسەر جۆرە جیاوازەکانی بةردةوانى وبوارى تةكنيكى وانە دەڵێتەوە وەک بۆڵدرینگ، تۆپ ڕۆپ، كوردة،دیوارەی گەورە و شاخەوانی سەر سەهۆڵ

Juman Al-Sayegh is the owner of Beyond Climbing (, an expedition climbing company that takes clients rock climbing in the Middle-East. Born in Baghdad, she has always felt strong about her connection to this part of the world, especially the unknown mountains seeing climbers for the first time today. She started climbing professionally in 2015 and has traveled all over the world including Lebanon, Morocco, Spain, Columbia, the Italian Dolomites and the famous Annapurna Circuit Trek in Nepal’s Himalayan Mountains. She is certified in First Aid and will complete her UK Rock Climbing Instructor Certification this year. Both she and her business have been featured in the press, and she has brought many clients to the Middle-East with a long time desire to bring clients to Kurdistan one day as well.

جومان الشیخ دامەزرێنەر و خاوەنی کۆمپانیای Beyond Climbing ( بۆ بواری تەکنیکی و بەردەوانی. شاخەوانان دەباتە ڕۆژهەڵاتی ناوەڕاست بۆ بەردەوانی. جومان لەدایکبووی شاری بەغدادە و دانیشتووی وڵاتی بەریتانیایە. ئەمەش وایکردووە کە هەست بە پیوەندییەکی بەهێز بکات و پەیوەسبێت بەم بەشەی جیهانەوە وە بەتایبەت ئەو شاخانەی کە نەناسراوون و شاخەوانان پێی نەگەشتوون. لە ساڵی ۲۰۱٥ بە شێوەیەکی پڕۆفێشناڵانە دەستیکرد بە شاخەوانی و بۆ زۆرێک لە وڵاتەکانی جیهان گەشتی کردووە بۆ شاخەوانی وەک لوبنان، ئیسپانیا، مەغریب، کۆڵۆمبیا و ئیتاڵیا و ڕێڕەوە بەناوبانگەکەی ئاناپورنا بە ناو زنجیرە چیاکانی هیمالایا لە نیپاڵ. خاوەنی بڕوانامەی فریاگوزاری سەرەتاییە و بەم زووانە بڕوانامەی بوون بە سەرپەرشتیاری بەردەوانی بەدەست دەهێنێت دووای تەواوکردنی کۆرسەکەی لە بەریتانیا. خۆی و کاروچالاکییەکانی لە ڕۆژنامەکاندا ئاماژەیان پێدراوە. تا ئێستا چەندین شاخەوانی هێناوەتە ڕۆژهەڵاتی ناوەڕاست و وە دەمێکە ئەو خولیایەی هەیە کە شاخەوانیش بهێنێت بۆ کوردستان.

See you there!

At this time this is a volunteer program and all funding has come from donations, including all of the equipment that was brought into Iraq. All four instructors are volunteering their time to prepare and conduct classes, and we would ask that you consider making a tax-deductible donation. Thank you!