Italian Alps in Autumn

People talk about freedom in the mountains.

Sure, they’re pretty cool looking and definitely impressive in size, but I didn’t really see it as a child. At the time, I thought it was just inflated fantasy inspired by advertising that taught us that mountains are “magnificent” as a backdrop for your product or service. Part of it, I think, was the fact that I never actually climbed to a summit that challenged me.

Today, everything changed. As I sit at my desk organizing this career/lifestyle, I feel time passing. With each moment indoors, my body patiently sits idle; but it is pent up like a spring. So, when I overcome the incapacitating urge to continue sitting and “finish work,” and force myself onto the trail… something magical happens.

I become free.

I know that for the next several hours, I only have the trail ahead of me. No cell phones, no email, no deadlines, and definitely no traffic or bills. Now that I have the responsibilities of an adult, I understand that they can become suffocating. For most of us, we are unable to venture too far away before we heed the call and return to our obligations.

But, there is a place where we can ignore the tether even if just for a little while.



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  • Yes, I had the breathtaking experience of the Alps in Tyrol for several summers.
    Mine was to walk the trails and set up an easel and paint. The herders cabins always
    welcomed you to a meal or even spend an evening.

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