Iraq Mountaineers Destey Lutka invite 100 to climb Mt. Pire Migron

In March of 2019, the Destey Lutka Crew invited all of the mountaineers in Iraq to join them on a climb to the summit of their local mountain Pire Migron. The intention was to build relationships, learn from each other, and work together to set the standard for climbing in their country. The climb took two days with a nigh of camping on the snowy slopes of the 2,611 m / 8,566 ft. tall mountain and teams successfully reached the summit during snowy, inclement weather. Over 100 Iraqi climbers with sufficient skill from all corners of the country joined the climb and demonstrated the passion that is growing in the country for this sport.

We are witnessing an explosive rise in outdoor recreation in Iraq. Until 2014, barely anyone besides shepherds knew the trails in the Kurdish mountains and those who did knew each other very well. However, with the coming of Social Media the beauty of nature attracted many more curious hikers who pushed ever further up the slopes. The number of climbers has grown exponentially; from less than 100 total before 2014 to over 2,000 per month in 2019. Without proper training, learning resources, or gear stores, this also meant many more accidents and habits that threaten the longevity of the environment.

This is why the Destey Lutka Crew is making every effort to establish a standard for climbing in their country. This starts with our project to set up the first climbing school in the country of Iraq, where children and adults, men and women, can learn basic outdoor skills as well as train for climbing and mountaineering. Check out the photos of the March climb below, and visit our project page to learn how you can help bring mountaineering and climbing to the country of Iraq.

Thank you!