Donations to Iraq! From Poland and Singapore

Our project to establish the First Climbing School in Iraq in its history has been gaining significant attention recently. Although there is a small handful of climbing walls and groups that go out, there is no one place to go to that offers classes or comprehensive instruction, there is not even any books about climbing in the country yet. So our goal is simply to make the first steps and create a place of learning.

The response from the global climbing community has been overwhelming as a result. We have had people reaching out to give advice, help share the project, provide their expertise, and donate. Well, today I share the first two major gear donations for the school; one that comes from Marcin Kolaczek in Poland, and one from Xieheng Kong in Singapore.

Marcin and Xieheng, Thank you!

Both of these donations bring us miles closer to our goal of providing a complete set of instructional tools for young, old, male, and female students at the school to use for learning. With absolutely no distributors of gear in their country, this is a critical way to provide the right equipment that will help students understand how to be safe and responsible. There is an entire country that is undiscovered waiting for them, and it all starts with basic knowledge.

Check out how you can help, what you can donate, and learn more on the project page!

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Thank you!