AdventureSportsPodcast interviews our First Climbing School in Iraq Project!

Mason Gravley at Adventure Sports Podcast was stoked to hear about our project in Iraq to establish the First Climbing School in their country. The interview was made possible by US-side team member Ryan Shuler, who is a veteran that served in the middle east and became enamored in the country and its people. Ryan joins me for the interview, and we cannot be more honored for the opportunity to share with the Adventure Sports Podcast audience!

Listen to the podcast here:

We are honored to have been invited and spent a good deal of time discussing the school. Please visit the project page below to learn how you can help, and all the updates that are taking place. For example, we just had a group of blind women and a disabled man guided to the summit of the 2nd Tallest Mountain in Iraq, the Tallest Climbing Wall installed, and so much more!

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