Officially Non-Profit! is now a 501(c)3!

After the insanely frustrating process of submitting the documents via 2G connection no my mobile phone in the remote mountains of Poland, I stood up away from my desk and went for a drive. I immediately recognized this moment as pivotal in my life. It feels like a current I dove into, and now the momentum is carrying me. I certainly dove into the deep end, ejecting from a career that took 21 years to earn, and facing obstacles that seemed so impossible at first, and so lucky to not have stopped me looking back. Everything I learned matters, every moment of frustration and pain, and every single time I doubted myself, and every time perfectly reasonable solutions simply did not work.

It feels like surfing. First, you must paddle past the breaking waves, through the chaos of explosive water and forces all acting against you. Then, with one final duck-dive, you emerge pulled into the lineup on the other side. Even if I wanted it, there is no way out now; here come the waves and the opportunity to do everything that drove me to be in this place, now.

Global Upgrade Inc.

Years. It took years to get to this point, and I cannot be more proud. Starting May 07, 2019, I have registered and am operating as the non-profit organization Global Upgrade Inc. This means that I can receive donations tax free as well as take advantage of other incredible benefits. Plus, maintaining a humanitarian organization demonstrates commitment, longevity, and most of all competence. It took a long time because I want to do it right.

My board is composed of some of the most competent and accomplished attorneys I know. Each has stood out not just for their work with their community, but for their record of being honest and dedicated towards humanitarian goals. I trust both of them with all of the decisions that we will need to make moving forward, and they have each expressed that they trust me to lead the way. Honestly, words fail to convey what that means; to now share the journey I have been on alone with a group who have pledged their trust in me.

With this in mind, please consider making a donation now towards our mammoth goal of establishing the First Climbing School in Iraq. Click on the link below to learn more, and to make a donation!