Iraq Equipment List and New Hashtag #ShaxawaniIraq!

If you’ve been following, I’ve taken on the ambitious project of establishing The First Ever Climbing and Mountaineering School in Iraq. As the months rolled by, I’ve been traveling all over the world in search of support, advice, and a place to call HQ for the next several months. Well, I’ve finally arrived in a remote mountain village in Poland under the noble Tatra Mountains – where I’ll be filming the trails in 360 in support of the Iraq Project. Finally settled, I want to provide updates on the project.


Our new hashtag:


What does it mean? Shaxawani is a word in the Kurdish language that is similar to the generic use of climbing in English, and encompasses mountaineering, scrambling, rock climbing, and relates to any similar activity. We chose this word because it announces the rise of this incredible sport in the country of Iraq to the world, and clearly spells out what our intention is.

Equipment List

I’ve received a list from Kamaran, the Iraqi Mountaineer who will be in charge of the program in Iraq. If you have been following, we have already received ropes for our climbing wall! The following is what we’re looking to deliver so that they can take students into their Kurdish Mountains just outside of Sulaymaniyah. Please keep in mind that there is currently literally no resource for outdoor recreational equipment in the country of Iraq and our intention is to provide a complete set of equipment for them to provide instruction indoors and outdoors.

Equipment Needed:

Quick draw 20 pcs
Jumar 4 pcs
GriGri 4 pcs
Reverso 4 pcs
Friends (camalots) 2 sets
Rope for Mountaineering 4 pcs including 100 meters
Rope for Toproping on Climbing Wall
Climbing adjustable straps ( daisy chain) 5 pcs
Helmet 5 pcs (M,L,Xl)
Climbing-shoes: as many as available
Anchor chain
Anchor bolts
Belay devices


While I am reaching out to major brands for support, if you know anyone that can donate any of the new equipment above, please reach out to us at And if you’re looking for how you can help, please consider making a donation below!