CONGRATULATIONS Tejson in Nepal Mountain Bike Nationals!

The other morning I woke up to an excited message from Tejson Kunwar, an up and coming pro mountain biker in Nepal in its first generation of professionals in that sport. Tejson is someone who I have come to support because of the impossible spirit he has demonstrated, you can read about that here. His message was fast; Hey Milo. Today had nationals downhill. “Oh wow!” I exclaimed, excited to hear he qualified for the race. “I got second place.”


Tejson Kunwar got 2nd place at Nationals in Nepal! This is the same person as the kid that emailed me once and said he wanted to ride bike professionally. I’m so stoked to see a success story with someone who committed full on to their dreams. He’s an inspiration, and a radical dude too. Together, Tejson and I are filming and mapping the bike trails in Kathmandu, and outside Kathmandu too!

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