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Recently, I have been making public appearances and this is a bit different from traveling to the world’s most remote places. So, while you are welcome to check out the beautiful photography from these incredible destinations on my social media (FB, IG, T), I also would like to take a moment to let you know about the work that I do as well. This is just a quick overview, and I invite you to browse the website to check out lots of other stuff.

Basically, I quit my unsatisfying job as an attorney in NYC – saddled with over 6 figures of debt, in order to pursue a childhood dream of becoming an explorer. Along the way, I discovered the collective benefit of helping people. By bringing my experience, help, and resources to the most vulnerable populations in the most remote places on earth, I am discovering just how much difference in the world we can make. We don’t think about how simple it is to us to do something like use Google search to find information, create an easy to understand presentation, a simple video, or even collect information in a data sheet – things we take for granted in a country where using a computer is considered completely normal. However, these skills and others are incredibly valuable beyond our borders, and even the simplest knowledge can change the course of history for an entire community.

At this time, I would also like to invite you to make a donation.

The work I do is fully self-supported and it is practically the only thing I do – besides the occasional article to help pay the rent. I genuinely believe in spending the time we have on earth in a way that benefits not only us but the whole of humanity and our planet, and I think you can see that is true yourself. Your contribution is meaningful and I wish to thank you on behalf of the countless individuals who receive the support now and will benefit in the future. Thank you. – Milosz Pierwola

World in 360

World in 360 is a Virtual Reality Project that I started in 2015. I use special 360 cameras to capture experiences in some of the world’s harshest environments, or at home in NYC, and bring them to hospitals, orphanages, inpatient centers, elderly facilities, and more. Using these headsets, I am able to allow individuals who are paralyzed and have never even sat up using their own strength, to participate in activities like mountain climbing, riding a bicycle, and even flying in a drone.

Himalayan Stove Project

In 2017 I traveled to Nepal and trekked the Everest Base Camp trail to reach remote settlements and villages that received safe, fuel efficient cook stoves from Himalayan Stove Project. I used the cameras from my World in 360 project to produce a 360/Virtual Reality documentary in production now, to show the impact of this award winning non-profit, recipient of the 2017 Explorers Club Citation of Merit.

Islands 4 Kids

In late 2017 I traveled to Romania where I discovered an American who had devoted his life to creating a shelter for orphans in a country where there is presently no support for children without parents. If you are a child with no parents, there is literally no options but living on the street in the country. However, with Islands 4 Kids, a property has been purchased and is being upgraded to provide shelter, food, and basic education such as reading, mathematics, English, and skills that can translate into providing a living. We are presently working on improving the property to house more children and be fully operational in both summer and winter months.

Become Your Hero

In 2014 I started to speak publicly about my journey – the attitude, philosophy, and strategy to pursuing your most desired passion. The presentation has been an incredible success with over 10,000 people in attendance on three continents. It involves thinking outside of the box of cultural taboos and boundaries, utilizing technological advances that put all of the world’s information at our fingertips, and identifying opportunities to grow. In addition, the presentation has created several success stories like Tejson below.


Tejson Kunwar

Tejson Kunwar attended my presentation Become Your Hero in Kathmandu, Nepal. He followed up and expressed that he wished more than ever to become a professional mountain biker. However, there was no such thing in the culture of his country. This is because Tejson is literally the first generation in history that has the possibility of a career in professional athletics outside of mountaineering. The story is a happy one, because since our contact Tejson has taken my advice and has become a sponsored amateur mountain biker on his way to becoming a pro. In addition, Tejson is becoming a leader as he builds and maintains trails in Kathmandu, is currently creating a map of public trails for his peers and others, and is achieving a success to demonstrate completely new opportunities for the youth of an entire country.


An incredibly ambitious project in the works. If you’ve spoken to me personally, then you may have heard what it is. It is exciting and I look forward to sharing soon!

Thank you for visiting and please feel free to reach out with any questions!

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