REI’s Boston “Pray for Snow” Event and New Donation Button!


We arrived at Wachusett early and caught the wave of people coming down from the trails to eat dinner in the lodge. This is where we met with REI’s staff who helped us to the Granite Room where all the festivities were to take place. It wasn’t long before we had the table together and started to hand out the free samples of product into anxious hands. Most people were excited because they expressed Nikwax was not sold in enough places and they couldn’t get their hands on it… in other completely unrelated news, it is possible that some sample product fell off the back of the truck.

That said, the entire night was a blast and we absolutely recommend Wachusett Mountain to anyone looking for a fun ski day!
Thanks Nikwax for bringing me to this awesome community and providing gifts for all who came!

If you’re in the Boston area, Wachusett Mountain specifically, come out to REI’s Pray for Snow event!

I’ll be there representing Nikwax as their ambassador and giving out TONS and TONS of free stuff including gear wash products for your outdoor garb. In addition, there’ll be a Retro Fashion Show, music, drinks, and…

You can be one of the first to watch the movie Far Out:

Click below to get your tickets:This is the first of my appearances for this winter, and I am also happy to announce that I’ve added a DONATE button to my homepage. For all the work I do around the world, I am incredibly shy about requesting support to continue. However, several friends twisted my arm and helped me find the confidence to give you a way to support the work I do. All the money donated will go towards expanding and improving all of the humanitarian programs I am working with in parts of the world where a little here means a lot over there.

Thanks for your support, and if you’re coming to the event, drop by and say hello!


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