Yale Astronomy on Tap Bar Lecture Series in 360 Video

Exploring the earth is not my only passion, I happen to also be fanatically obsessed with our universe and excitedly made my way to New Haven, CT to attend Yale University’s brilliant lecture series, Astronomy on Tap. I was invited by Yotam Cohen, who was the head of the Rutgers Astronomical Society when I presented my “Become Your Hero” lecture and donated a CPC Deluxe 925 HD Computerized Telescope to the Rutgers Physics and Astronomy Department. Yotam is a cosmologist and organizer of the Astronomy on Tap series and we may have geeked out about cosmology on more than one occasion.

In the Astronomy on Tap series, the graduate students and researchers of the Yale Physics Department come to a bar that has artisanal beer and cheap pizza (not to mention a super cool look!) and present on the topics they are focusing on. It is sort of like an adult version of Cosmos, only live! Plus, the crowd is a mix of casual locals, out of towners, Yale students, professionals, and professional physicists. As the night progresses, beer flows and questions become more interesting and probing. It’s the kind of spectacle that could devote as much time to Q&A as the lectures themselves, and people would stay til the end just the same.

For those who may feel intimidated, these fascinating topics could not be made simpler. The presenters start at basic concepts and build a vocabulary, then they string those together like sentences, and it all comes together like a paragraph in the end. With each piece being fascinating, this lets anyone in the audience appreciate more nuanced observations and grander conclusions that are at the forefront of our understanding today. This is why the questions at the end are so interesting; they connect the things many people in the audience need to make it click.

But hey, why not see for yourself. Check out the photos and…

360 Video Recordings of the Lectures below

Alien worlds in our solar system and beyond
Chris Spalding



Malena Rice


“The Hunt for the First Black Holes in the Universe”
Fabio Pacucci


Derryl Seligman

Thank you, and please let me know if you like these lectures in 360 in the comments below!