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My first camera was a Minolta point-and-shoot that I received as a gift for a study-abroad trip to Australia in 2004. I was instantly fascinated with taking photos and became a nuisance to friends for taking too many, replacing many cheap cameras as they broke over the course of my adventures.

It wasn’t until 2012 that a friend lent me his Canon Rebel T1i. That was the first time I discovered the potential for photography and how images convey so much more than words. So, soon after I purchased my own DSLR, a Pentax K-50, and in the years since brought it with me to some of our planet’s most inhospitable environments. I taught myself how to survive while photographing these incredible destinations at the same time, and finally upgraded to a Sony a7Rii. That is what I shoot with now, and I feel privileged to share stories from these remote and challenging locations.





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