I can tell you with certainty that mountain biking is going to become big in Nepal and large brands will soon be investing there. No matter what other people tell you, you will find success and happiness pursuing this. As a bonus, I am certain that you will also be able to make money from this (but money is not what makes us happy, remember that).

Please feel free to stay in touch and ask questions. Here is some advice:

  • DO start a mountain bike club at your school
  • DO organize mountain bike trips for you and a group of students, you don’t have to travel far, but travel as a group and make it “official” as a part of your club
  • DO put on a presentation in your school about mountain bikes; talk about what makes a bicycle good for mountain biking (suspension, tires, handlebars, etc.), talk about mountain bike safety and what to wear, display mountain bike videos you find online to the students that attend, and make sure to bring your bike in for students to look at
  • DO contact other schools and ask if they have mountain bike programs, then find out if you can do a group trip with that school
  • DO go to a club meeting at other schools
  • DO go to a mountain bike store and tell them you are interested in helping create a relationship between that store and the school mountain bike club where you will purchase gear for the club at that store only, but
  • DO go to at least 10 stores, make sure to do this and pick the one that wants to work with you the most – this will take time, but you can mountain bike to them and film it!
  • DO film that, that sounds awesome, send it to me so I can share it with American brands and help you get sponsored – they will definitely want to participate


  • DON’T become discouraged. This could be your future, you could be the next Danny MacAskill (video 1, video 2, video 3), or make the next hilarious viral video about your experience, or start the next biggest International Mountain Bike competition in Nepal…

But it happens with the MOST important thing; don’t stop. Do it. Just keep doing it. Teach others. Help them out, never get mad, never get “even”, just do positive things always. If you are a source of help to everyone, then everyone will want to work with you. And when people take advantage of you, smile! Because you know that you are valuable and they want you for free.

It will be very hard, but it’s worth it Tejson!

Yours truly,

Milosz Pierwola