My Timelapses and What I Learned

I have now taken some spectacular time lapses in some of the most remote places I can imagine, you can watch a selection below. Here’s my favorite, so you don’t get turned off right away, Unfortunately, you don’t often get … Read More

Pizza in the Mountains

If you know me even a little, then you know that much like the beloved Ninja Turtles, my superpowers come from a steady diet of hot pizza pie. Unfortunately, traveling to a remote mountain village offered only so many options. … Read More

This Week’s Video Logs!

This week I started a series filming some of the things that I find interesting while here in Europe. Now, while I’m figuring out how to best create these, you can tag along. Enjoy! Video Log #1 Video Log #2 … Read More

Video Log #1 from Adventure Milo

As I get older, a lot of conversation with the people I speak to has begun to center around life-long dreams. Specifically, that people are unable to find the time or energy to accomplish the things they believed they would … Read More

Adventure Podcast interviews Adventure Milo

This past week I caught up with Kraig Becker on his popular outdoors themed Adventure Podcast. I chat with Kraig about how things started and talk about my plans in Iraq to create the first public climbing program, as well … Read More

Is Breathing Your Climbing Problem?

Improper breathing in climbing can be very dangerous. Climbing is an activity that takes place in high altitudes, demands intense focus, uses extreme amounts of sustained energy, and requires solving complex problems against the clock. All of these things take … Read More

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