Blessing and Curse: Social Media

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It is a dilemma to choose a career where you are unplugged with nature, only to spend that time…

Tweeting, Instagramming, setting up the perfect photos, fumbling with new gear to test, filming and documenting stories, and so much more.

Sometimes I spend so much time in front of the computer that I wonder if I ever left the office at all. Social media has allowed for so many of us to create careers outdoors, but it has also brought the office with us; especially with data connections available almost anywhere.

And so, you develop a love/hate relationship with sharing.

One of the best feelings in the world for me is to share my experience because it means so much to me to actually be able to do what I always dreamed of. I enjoy telling the stories behind my photos and seeing people’s eyes light up like I am telling them that Santa is real and I met him and we saw the Northern Lights together. I love it when people join me on weekenders or join me on bigger trips!

On the other hand, for me to grab the interest of companies and eventually actually make money doing this, I have to make good content. This means I’m “looking through my camera lens” all the time. My mind is often going down the checklist of whether a piece of gear I brought with me has had a photo taken or scouring the landscape to find a relevant opportunity for one, or a better one. There have been times that my friends have literally stopped me and told me they were not having fun and that I need to enjoy what I’m doing.

While that was a long time ago, it is just as relevant today. I have become very sensitive to adventuring with company and much more efficient in creating content. However, I still feel anxiety and end up carrying two to three times the weight that I need to including; my camera, my tripod, batteries, and the gear I’m shooting with. It is the reason I became a minimalist; not because I want to travel light, it’s because it is prohibitive for me not to.

Is it worth it?


YES, but it’s up to you. For me, it has created a challenge to reach further, to become more creative, to capture the moments that I now get to look back at in wonder and awe.

Multiple times in my life now I have found myself in shock at the things I have done and staring at my own photos as if it is someone else in them and not me. Perhaps it is because of my ambition or the absolute refusal of giving up on the dream to continue living like this, but I have to remind myself. To get to travel is a privilege even today, despite how easy it is to book a flight and a hotel at the click of a button, and there is a great deal of effort involved that often becomes overwhelming.

But then I get to look at the photos and I remember that I am the one that made them, and that now probably millions of people have seen them because other people think they are good enough to share. That is amazing. That is truly amazing and it is amazing that you are reading this right now even though we may never meet and I will never even know.

What is happening in my life right now is absolutely beautiful and I want to share it in the most genuine way. And the best way for me to learn to do that is by practice, everywhere and all the time. And the best part is that I really do enjoy it, and I thank you for enjoying it too!

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