Iraq Climbing School article for

Imagine taking the entire history of Alpinism and compressing it into just one decade. This is what is happening in Iraq right now with a culture that is only beginning to discover the sport. From the first recreational ascents by … Read More

ShaxawaniIraq Team-Member Ryan Shuler

About a year ago I posted about the First Climbing School in Iraq project all over social media. At the time, the entire project was just an idea and an intention, and so I reached out to the climbing community … Read More

Featured in ROCK and ICE Magazine!

In an unreal turn of events, our team’s achievement of putting up the 75+ m. 250 ft. climbing wall got the attention of Rock and Ice Magazine. Upon learning that the effort is just the tip of the iceberg for … Read More

Meet the Team: Kamaran Rasul

The entire project would not be possible if not for Kamaran H. Rasul. It was in our first conversation together that Kamaran expressed his deepest desires to take what he discovered in mountain climbing and share it with everyone in … Read More

Opened: Tallest Climbing Wall in Iraq!

Climbing is new in Iraq and it is only in recent years that serious mountain climbers have appeared in the country. Because there is no climbing history or culture there, it is these individuals and groups that are now creating … Read More

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