Video Log #1 from Adventure Milo

As I get older, a lot of conversation with the people I speak to has begun to center around life-long dreams. Specifically, that people are unable to find the time or energy to accomplish the things they believed they would when they were kids. I address this in my first video log.

In addition, I chat about the way my childhood curiosity has gotten in the way of sharing the interesting things I come across in my travles. As a child, f I was in a room with doors, I would try to open them to peek inside; if there was any large rocks around, I would lift them up to see underneath; if there was a staircase, you guessed it! Perhaps it is my “thing,” but as a result of this hyper-curiosity, meaning practically everything I encounter is fascinating to me, I’ve never had much of a sense of what is “suffciently” curious to other people… what a silly thing, right?

The truth is that all places are fantastic to most people and familiar to few. So, no matter where I am, it is always worth sharing.

Just like the simplest aspects of NYC life are fascinating to my village here, the village life with horses and traditional customs is certainly curious to my NYC friends. So starts my journey into sharing the daily things that make you stop to inquire further. Enjoy the video!

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